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What internet speed is right for me?

The speed of your Internet connection plays an important role in determining how effective and enjoyable the Internet experience is for you and your family. Please see the table below to see which line speed is ideal for your needs.


Email, social media, browsing
Music streaming
Voice/video calling
HD video streaming3 devices5 devices5+ devices5+ devices5+ devices
4K video streamingNo1 device2 devices2 devices10 devices
Online gamingMay have some lag
What is the difference between Fibre and WiFi?

Fibre can be described as an internet connection that makes use of fibre-optic cables to send data at incredible speeds. WiFi is a network that allows for different digital devices to connect to the internet wirelessly through radio waves.

Fibre is cheaper, faster and more reliable than ADSL or LTE.

My complex doesn't have fibre. What are the steps to get connected?
  • Step 1: A legends Connect represenative will come and conduct a survey to determine how best to provision fibre to the complex.
  • Step 2: Once the represenative has completed their planning, he/she will communicate with the body coporate to explain the construction process within the complex.
  • Step 3: Civil work will start, Legends Connect installs the infrastucture as per the survey plan that was signed off by the body coporate.
  • Step 4: Once the civil work is done, the Legends Connect team will ensure that the property has been restored to its orginal state.
  • Step 5: The complex will then be fibre ready and all residents will have a choice between several Internet Service Providers including Legends Connect, Cool Ideas, Imagine, Accelerit, and Easyweb.
What is uncapped, unthrottled and unshaped?
  • Uncapped: Refers to a internet package where you never run out of data. A capped data plan will provide you with a pre-determined amount of data per month, and once this has run out, you will either have your connection cut, or you will incur additional data costs.


  • Unthrottled: This means your will not experience slower internet towards the end of the month or when a certain amount of data has been used. Throttling will also reduce all online activities during peak hours.


  • Unshapped: Uninterrupted connectivity across all activities. Where shaping will restrict online connectivity for select activities – Zoom, Microsoft Teams, skype, downloading and streaming.
What is FTTH and FTTB?
  • FTTH- Fibre-to-the-home includes fiber-optic access solutions designed for residential deployments. In FTTH networks, fibers are directly connected to individual homes or multitenant buildings. On the FTTH footprint, it is only available in a limited number of residential areas where residents have shown demand (interest) and has been pre-installed.


  • FTTB- Fibre-to-the-businesss is a type of fiber-optic cable installation where the fiber cable goes to a point on a shared property and the other cabling provides the connection to offices or other spaces. On FTTB, fibre is rolled out to larger metro areas. Connections can be ordered to specific premises where needed.
What is Mbps and MBps?

Mbps stands for Megabits per second.

MBps stands Megabytes per second.

The two terms are similar, but Mbps is used to specify Internet connection speeds, whereas MBps is used to specify how much of a file is downloaded/uploaded per second.

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. 

A VoIP system works by taking your analogue voice signals, converting them into digital signals, then sending them as data over your broadband line. It’s a very useful way of making calls, clearer voice quality, costs cheaper, higher scalability supports multitasking, more flexiblity with softphones, complete portability and advanced features for small and large teams.

What is the difference between a FNO and ISP?
  • FNO-Fibre Network Operator provides the infrastructure. They are in charge of laying the cables in your area.
  • ISP- Interent Service Provider is incharge of gettign you online. ISP handles all your support, billing and order problems that might occur.

In all FNO will act as your cellphone and an ISP as your sim card.

What happens if I want to relocate?

If you are relocating within the same Legends Connect complex, from one unit to another, you will be liable to pay R250.

If you are relocating to another FNO, a new contract will have to be submitted, and a new order will be placed with the FNO.

If you want to switch from WiFi to fibre, the two contracts can be combined.


Wireless:  Subjected to coverage and line of sight test at the new premisies.

Fibre: Coverage with the FNO first needs to be determined and thereafter a quotation will be given.

How do I cancel my contract and what are the fees?

Cancellations must be received via e-mail to

In the event of early cancellation (24-month contract) you will be liable for a 100% cancellation fee for the remainder of the period left on the contract.

If you are relocating out of the Legends Connect coverage area you will then only be liable for a cancellation fee of R1 500.

An affidavit will be required if you are relocating to a premise not covered by Legends Connect.

Please see our Terms and Conditions page for more information.

Can you assist with access point installation?

Certainly! See our pricing below.


  • Access Point: R599
  • Cable run: R500
  • Call out fee: R250